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This game was pretty good and I see the heavy inspiration of RE right in this game too. A few things I will say not a fan of how the flash light has a battery life, it doesn't really contribute to this play style of game and I hated you can't kill the enemies. What i did like was the story and foundation you set. Check out my play here for more and keep creating. 

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Thanks for making a video on it! I enjoyed the production value with your intro and background, very unique. Finding a way in to the bathroom/workshop would've put you on the path to the next objectives from where you ended up.

As for the flashlight, there are a handful of upgrades that make it much more reliable. It'll be worked in to the mechanics a little more later in the story as well. Right now one of the benefits of turning on the power means you don't have to rely on the flashlight as much. I'll keep tweaking it over time though. Definitely room for improvement.

Thanks again for checking it out!

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Happy you loved my intro and background. I aim to do better on it however if i did more it would be expensive to do haha but thats something I want to do to bring people in through entertainment and education on finding game devs like yourself.

Yea I loved the game overall and nice to know how to do the other objective too. You have something special here and I would love to play it again with the improvements. If you would like, you can join my discord as I have a special role and room for game devs to talk to gamers and show off what they have or ask for feed back or advertise your game. If interested let me know. 

Don't use discord much myself, I appreciate the offer though. I'm sure both of our productions will only get better with time!

Great game but here is some advice:

The camera movement is extremly bad, like the swaying to left and right... That is some insane headbob.

And then it feel like the interactions are... lagging. Like i misclicked alot of times and had to click again for it to register.

The recipy thing and the trasmutator didnt click at all for me.

I found this great yes but damn... this is hella clunky! 


So the camera sway gets progressively stronger as you lose Nerve. Makes it hard to aim guns with shaky hands. You can disable Camera Sway entirely in the Settings>Misc menu.

When you mention misclicks, are you talking about pressing F on objects, or clicking things in the menus? Do you mean the target was on something else, or you accidentally interacted twice? I haven't experienced it personally, but I'd definitely look in to it more if I know where to focus.

You can use a recipe to learn it permanently. You can transmute any recipes you've learned by just clicking them in that menu. Mouse-over the tabs at the top of the menu to change recipe categories. You need materials to make them, so you can drop items in the deconstruction table to break them down and get materials. I might make the tutorials a little more clear, and the UI could change over time too.

It's still an early Pre-Alpha though, so plenty of room for improvement over the next couple months!


Great game. Decided to give it a bit of extra attention. If you're familiar with behind the Dread X Collection, maybe keep an eye on their site

Glad you enjoyed it! DreadXP? Yeah I've been watching the Collections for a bit, I dig the anthology format.

Question for the future. Will we be able to kill the enemies? Even if it's a rare or expensive consumable, I'd still like to be able to get rid of them for good in the full game

Might be a way as you progress through the story. The whole game won't be just about dealing with that monster in the demo. No spoilers though. ;)


I imagine lesser ones that you can kill without any tricks, and more major ones that require unique items to kill


Are there plans to publish downloadable versions? I don't see any... Anyway, gladly would pay here for Mac version. Already wishlisted game on Steam. Good luck <3


Yup! Demo builds just went live here. PC/Mac/Linux is the plan. The demos are completely free, if people want to support the game during development the Patreon is for that. Otherwise it'll have a price on release - still needs to be worked out - but I wouldn't expect it to be expensive or anything.


Will this game be free or will people have to pay for it...?

The demos (which just went live) are completely free. The final release will eventually be paid.

Alright, I hope the price for the game won't be expensive.

All of our releases have been $5-15, so somewhere in that range is probably expected. Undecided at the moment though, depends on how large the game turns out to be.


Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


Yup. PC/Mac/Linux.


Awesome news ! Count me in for a purchase when it's ready.


Great to hear. :)